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Niggles or injuries

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My feet were still red, swollen and itchy from the leech bites when I got up and I tied my shoes more loosely than usual to ease the discomfort.  However, my main concern was how my right groin niggle was going to feel on this morning’s run.  If it was worse than on Sunday, then I would be smart to rethink my training plans for the remainder of the week.  I was hoping to do another long run tomorrow as part of my comeback, but knew I would be stupid to do that, if I had a worsening injury.

The climb out of Copa is never easy
I have found that it is often the second day after a long and/or hard run when any injuries show up.  I’m not sure if there’s any medical basis for this theory, but maybe the general soreness and fatigue on the day after a long run can mask injuries.  I also sometimes wonder whether long runs generate certain reactions in the body that facilitate lubrication and movement and that it takes these responses a day to fade away and reveal the extent of any specific injuries.

Anyway, this morning I set out with a little more trepidation than usual on the second day after Sunday’s long run.  The first kilometre of my usual recovery 10km is mostly flat and I jogged very slowly as I examined my body for any signs of injury with every step.  My right knee and Achilles were a little sore, but although I could feel some minor pain in the right groin, it didn’t seem any worse than on Sunday.  The second kilometre of this run is a steady climb, and as usual, I was warmed up by the time I reached the top.  Despite some general stiffness and lethargy, I felt comfortable and went on to complete the run without any problems in a reasonable time for the course.  I never force the pace or run to a time on these recovery runs, just cruise along at whatever pace feels comfortable.  The time I run for the known course gives me good feedback on how recovered I am.  By tomorrow, I should feel a bit fresher and will take the risk of a longer run.

I have entered the Macleay River Half Marathon on Sunday, more by default than for any other reason.  Sharon was entering the associated marathon, and since we were going to be there for the weekend anyway, I decided I might as well have a run.  However, during today’s run I began question the wisdom of running the Half.  I would probably end up running faster than was good for me at this time and maybe risk injury for no reward.  Instead, depending on how the next few days of training goes, maybe I will upgrade to the Marathon, if I can, and just treat it as the next long run in my comeback series of long runs.