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First World problems

Mixing with runners, when you can't run yourself because of injury, can be challenging.  There were times in my running prime when I found it too demoralising and avoided social interaction with running friends.  Not only was it hard to hear them enthusing about their own running, but they were also very empathetic, asking questions and offering suggestions, when I just didn't want to think or talk about it.

Nowadays,  it doesn't seem to matter quite as much.  Maybe I have become more mature, or maybe my running ambitions are not as lofty.  For whatever reason, even if I can't run because of injury, I still generally drag myself out of bed at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning to join my fellow Terrigal Trotters.  If I can, when they head out for the scheduled run at 6am, I head out for an hour's walk so that I'm getting at least a little exercise, and won't feel quite so guilty when I tuck into my traditional post-run muffin and milkshake.

Matcham Valley
I miss the anticipation, the friendly competition and the sense of well-being associated with post-run fatigue.  And this morning, I also missed out on one of my favourite runs, Matcham Valley, which includes two beautiful local valleys and some good road running.  However, I do enjoy the company of my fellow runners, and more importantly, I appreciate the perspective that mixing with them brings to my own situation.  I am not the only one with a problem.

Two runners this morning had to be picked up by car because of injuries they sustained and another cut the run short and walked back because of injury.  Post-run, I chatted with one runner whose chances of running an excellent time in the Gold Coast Marathon tomorrow had evaporated with an injury sustained two months ago, and another who recently underwent cancer-related surgery and is still receiving chemotherapy.  To top it off, we heard that one of the Club's celebrated octogenarians suffered a serious heart attack during the week.

My running injury is very much a "First World problem".  I may be currently frustrated, but I know I have been exceptionally lucky during my running life and mixing with other runners (and non-runners) helps limit the self-indulgent introspection to which I can become prone, and perhaps did in the past.

I did manage to walk 6km this morning, but still with low-level pain in my right arch.  Despite pledging to myself that I would not resume running until the pain was gone, I am now thinking about walking and jogging tomorrow morning just to see how it goes.  I'll make a final decision when I get up tomorrow morning.