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A fine line

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My right knee and Achilles were less painful than I expected as I went through my exercise routine and when I eventually set out on my planned 10km run I was also moving better than expected, though very slowly.

Copacabana (Copa) at top and McMasters Beach at bottom
The one kilometre climb up the Copa Hill seemed to take longer than usual and I could sense fatigue just below the surface.  There was tightness in joints and down the back of the right calf.  It’s so easy to tear a muscle and I felt sorry for friends Mark and Denise who had both torn muscles quite badly during yesterday’s marathon and then continued bravely to the finish.  I was sure they would be depressed today as they contemplated lost opportunities and the running time they would now lose during the recovery process.

I plodded along on my own run, thinking how fine the line was between fitness and injury, but you can’t afford to back off every time you get a niggle.  My own niggles didn’t seem to be getting any worse, but I was tiring quickly despite my slow pace, and decided that I would not run up Avoca Steps to avoid over-stretching fatigued muscles.  I never walk up Avoca Steps, so this was a big concession to injury risk for me, and perhaps a sign of maturity at last.  Or, maybe it was just that I was too tired to contemplate that tough climb this morning.

I finished the run in a little over an hour, and although I didn’t feel too bad, wondered about the wisdom of another long run programmed for tomorrow.  I decided to leave it until this evening to decide.  I want to stick with my plan, but obviously don’t want to run a higher than necessary risk of injury.