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Post-race injury paranoia

Monday, 10 June 2013

It was hard to make my sore knee comfortable during the night and, despite going to bed early, I tossed, turned and slept badly.  The knee and right Achilles were both painful and stiff when I started walking around, but less so after my usual pre-run exercise routine.

The Terrigal Trotters crew at the Macleay River
Running Festival
I had no intention to go for a training run today, but did want to walk about 5km to just stretch and loosen up the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  South West Rocks, where we were staying, borders a beautiful protected sandy bay with a couple of forested mountains forming a headland to the south.  I followed the bike path that we had run along yesterday for a short distance before crossing a footbridge and then walking slowly southwards along the beach.  It was a pleasant morning for a stroll along the beach and I had a warm inner glow from exceeding my expectations yesterday.

After a few kilometres, I left the beach and followed a sandy trail through coastal forest before rejoining the bike path and following it back to our apartment.  I felt tired, but not exhausted and was reasonably loose, which was a good sign.  My Achilles remained stiff and sore throughout the walk, but I tried to avoid forcing it, and think it will be better after a couple of easy days.

We drove back to the Central Coast during the morning and then spent a couple of hours preparing the investment property Sharon had recently purchased for interior painting.  I was a bit anxious about damaging a stiff and somewhat sore body as I applied masking tape to various doorways, windows and skirting boards, but moved slowly and deliberately and don’t think I incurred any damage.