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Last night was the monthly Terrigal Trotters Committee Meeting at the Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club.  I always get a sense of privilege rocking up to the Surf Club on a Monday evening during holiday season.  Terrigal is a very popular holiday destination and during the summer you have to make your way through throngs of holiday makers knowing that by next month's meeting they will all be back at work or school and you will still be here, continuing to enjoy the delightful beach, hinterland and weather that have attracted them for their vacation.

Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club
Over my athletic career, I have belonged to a succession of running clubs - Melbourne High School Old Boys (defunct), Kew Camberwell District (defunct), Croydon Harriers (UK), Colchester & Tendring (UK), Watford Harriers (UK), St Louis Track (US) - and now Terrigal Trotters.  Along the way I have served in various Committee positions in some of these clubs and Terrigal Trotters stands out as unique.  Most Clubs seem to rely on two or three people to do much of the work assisted occasionally by other club members.  At Terrigal Trotters, without counting the numbers, I would guess that there are 20 people who make a very significant contribution to the Club's activities and many more who are willing to help out with particular events.

Terrigal Trotters Santa Run
The Committee is energetic and the Club inclusive.  Membership is growing and there are new people showing up for every Saturday's run, many of whom soon become hooked on the format and camaraderie.  It's fun to be a part of and volunteers enjoy involvement in professional and successful events.  Such success feeds on itself, drawing in more volunteers and participants.

Each month, one of the Committee Meeting agenda items is to nominate people who have made an exceptional contribution to the Club in the previous month and then select a Club Person of the month.  It is illustrative that there were 30 members nominated for their efforts in the past month.  Surely a sign of a vibrant club doing it's bit to promote fitness, health and fun.

Terrigal Trotters Christmas Party
My exercise today was another 5km walk around Copa.  I felt good and really wanted to be running.  Unfortunately, resumption still seems to be some way off.  My Echocardiogram this morning revealed significant Atrial Fibrillation in my heart and the specialist immediately sent me off for an Electrocardiogram (ECG) which confirmed his diagnosis.  The results still have to be reviewed by a Cardiologist, so I don't have a detailed report, but Googling the condition makes it plain that I have been lucky, will remain on Warfarin to reduce the risk of Stroke, and will need to consult some specialists before daring to run again.